Monday, February 8, 2010

Fruit and Vegetables Carving - Papaya Fruit Carving Videos

Here are some great Papaya Fruit Carving videos for you to watch and learn from. The designs created are awesome, and we can learn a lot from them. Try out your own designs, and you will enjoy the carvings a the Papaya fruit has a great contrast in colors.!

1. Papaya Carving - No.1

2. Papaya Fruit Carving - No.2
Good for parties and banquets!

3. Another Papaya Fruit Carving which uses the Skin Contrast very well!

4. A Papaya Fruit Carving for Center Pieces
Papaya flower fruit carving centerpiece great for dinners weddings banquets.

5. Here is a papaya sculpture of a hand holding a banana fruit carving!

6. Here is a great piece of Papaya Carving - A Fish in a Papaya?


I am sure you liked these videos, will be back and load some more of the Papaya Carving Videos for you to watch, on this same post. Have a great time!

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