Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fastest Guitar Player 1300 BPM performance?

Fastest Guitar Player 1300 BPM performance?

Over the years, the debate over who is the fastest guitar player has been continuous. For those who play in ‘shred’ styles, the speed at which a guitarist can play is just one of a number of measurable technical abilities to be worn as a badge of honor. When considering some of the technically gifted guitarists that have graced the musical world, you would think that this would be a very close race. For the True inspirational musician these records don't hold any relevance as true music is not all about speed!

Watch this video only for the true genius of this guy playing at various speeds. 


However, guitarist Daniel Himebauch has clinched the Guinness World Record for fastest guitar playing, with a performance that sets the bar astonishingly high. He played Flight of the Bumblebee, and ramped up the tempo to a mind blowing 1300 BPM! The number alone is incredible, but in action it truly is astonishing. See for yourself above…

The debate over the musical value of playing at such speeds is one that could go on and on. Given that Daniel made the record attempt for charity, it is largely irrelevant in this context. However, improving your technical chops is always a worthwhile thing. Think of it less as meaning you’ll always play at 100mph, and more that it is another colour to be used within your broader musical palette.

If you would like to read more about him and the official details of the records go to this link here -  


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Great Nescafe Ad video that Gets a Tear in your Eye Yet a smile on your Face

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