Sunday, September 6, 2015

Amazing Versions of Lataji's "Lag Ja Gale" Then and Now!

Amazing Versions of Lataji's "Lag Ja Gale" Then and Now!

Was listening to this amazing immortal song "Lag Ja Gale" then sung by our very own Nightingale - Lata Mangeshkar, and also browsed through for similar renditions of this song by other singer, and came out with some great videos which are a true tribute to this great composition.Composed by the late Madan Mohan, the track was pictured on Sadhana and Manoj Kumar. Decide for yourself without a doubt though who is the Queen!

I have tried to give the lyrics of the song too to make it more enlivened to hear.

लग जा गले के फिर ये हसीं रात हो ना हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो ना हो

हम को मिली हैं आज ये घडीयाँ नसीब से
जी भर के देख लीजिये हम को करीब से
फिर आप के नसीब में ये बात हो ना हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो ना हो

पास आईये के हम नहीं आयेंगे बार बार
बाहे गले में डाल के हम रो ले जार जार
आँखों से फिर ये प्यार की बरसात हो ना हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो ना हो
The same lyrics transliterated into English
Lag ja gale ki phir
 Ye hasin raat ho na ho
 Shayad phir is janam mein
 Mulakat ho na ho
 Lag jaa gale se
 Hum ko mili hai aaj
 Ye ghadiya naseeb se
 Je bhar ke dekh leejiye
 Hamako kareeb se
 Phir apke naseeb mein
 Ye raat ho na ho
 Phir is janaam mein
 Mulakat ho na ho
 Lag ja gale ki phir
 Ye hasin raat ho na ho
 Pas aiye ki ham nahin
 Ayenge baar baar
 Bahen gale mein daal ke
 Ham ro le zaar-zaar
 Ankhoon se phir ye
 Pyaar ki barsaat ho na ho
 Shayad phir is janam mein
 Mulakat ho na ho 
We will listen first to the Original Track Video as seen in the film.
This is an amazing Tribute Paid by Shreya Ghoshal in singing this same song so well. Touching!
The same Song so well sung by Sanam Puri, in a Male Voice, but gives such a great effect.
This is a version Sung by another evergreen Singer Anuradha Paudval as a tribute to the great Lataji!
And here is a sort of Remix Version of the same song sung by our Modern Diva Singer Sunidhi Chauhan, giving a new twist to the song.
There have been many who have tried sing this song, and try and match the original, I leave it to you to decide! Happy Listening!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Aaina Mujhse Meri Pehli Si Soorat Maange - Video Review

आईना मुझसे मेरी पेहली सी सूरत मांगे  

Aaina Mujhse Meri Pehli Si Soorat Maange - Video Review

A beautiful song from the movie DADDY by Mahesh Bhatt.Very well sung by Talat Aziz.The review has been made only because of the purity of the content, dept of the lyrics and the intensity of the dialogue that precedes the song. 

This is the dialoge that Anupam Kher renders so intensely in the video ....(Some of the less relevant sentences have been deleted), which you can watch in the video.

बहुत दिनों तक अँधेरे मैं रहने के बाद , जब कोई इन्सान रौशनी मैं आता है , तो उसकी हालत वैसे ही होती है जैसे आज मेरी हो रही है। इतने सालोँ बाद , हजारों आँखें घूरती हुई , बहुत अज़ीब लग रहा है।  सच पूछो तो, आज मैं इस वक़्त बहुत डरा हुआ हूँ।  हार जीत का कोई ख़ास मतलब नहीं आज मेरे लिए, क्यों की यह जगज , जहां मैं खड़ा हूँ , ना तो वोह पहलवानों का अखाड़ा है , और नाही रेस के घोडों का मैदान।  यह संगीत की दुनिया है।  यहां उन लोगोँ में मुक़ाबला होता है जो दर्द को पूजते हैं।  पीड़ा की साधना करते हैं।  और अपने घमोंको सुरों में ढाल कर , लोगों का मनोरंजन करते हैं।  बहुत अच्छा गाया तुम्हने - दरअसल सभी ने अच्छा गाया।  मुझे इस बात की ज़रा भी परवाह नहीं की जुद्गेस मेरे बारे मैं क्या फैसला करेंगे , क्योँ की मैं यहां सिर्फ अपनी बेटी पूजा के लिए आया हुँ।  यह साबित करने के लिए  की उसकी कोशिशें बेकार नहीं गयी।  मैं, मैं, हार भी गया तो - जिंदगी रुक नहीं जाएगी, सूरज कल दोबारा उगेगा , दिन होगा , रात होगी, - इसलिय पूजा - यह फैसला करने का हक़ मैं सिर्फ तुम्हे देता हूँ, की आज मैं यहाँ हारा , या जीता -  

This is followed by the song - 

Aaina mujse meri paheli si surat mange-3

Mere apne meri hone ki nishani maange

Aaina mujse mari paheli si surat mange

Mein bhatakata hi raha dard ke viraane mein

Waqt likhta raha chere pe har pal ka hishab

Meri shorat meri diwangi ki nazar hui

Pi gayi may ki bolte meri geeto ki kitab

Aaj lauta hoon tu hasne ki ada bhool gaya

Yeh sahar bhoola muje mein bhi ishe bhool gaya

Mere apne meri hone ki nishani mange

Aaina mujse meri paheli surat mange

Mera fan phir muje bazaar mein le aaya hai

Yeh vo jagah ke jahan mero vafa bikate hain

Baap bikate hain aur lakhte jigar bikate hain

Kookh bikati hain dil bikate hain sar bikate hain

Is badalti hui duniya ka khuda koi nahin

Saste daamo pe yahan roz khuda bikate hain

Har kharidaar ko bazaar mein bikataa paya

Hum kya paayenge kisi ne yahaan kya paayaa

Mere aheshas mere phool kahin aur chale
Bol pujaa meri bachi kahin aur chale aur chale

For those who would like the Hindi Lyrics I could only copy an image from one of the sites

The Video can be watched here! (Excuse the quality as, unfortunately that is the only version available of this wonderful video)


I am sure you will relate so well with the video especially those who have gone through such situations. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Touching ! Deepika Padukone on Her Battle With Depression - Another Eye Opener

Touching !Deepika Padukone on Her Battle With Depression - another Eye Opener!

Continuing on my Blog posts for the Best Videos I have seen or watched, here is another one from one of my favorite and most respected personalities - Deepika Padukone. 

I share her thoughts maybe more because I could relate with her thoughts so closely which I too am going through in life as she says and I quote - "Her aim - "if I can impact one life in this entire process of speaking up and letting people know that it's something I have been through and something that I could deal with because I had a fantastic support system." ....She says this in this video -"I Felt Empty And Directionless', Says Deepika Padukone on Her Battle With Depression"-
Actor Deepika Padukone breaks the silence and stigma around depression sharing, for the first time on TV, her battle against the ailment. In this exclusive chat with NDTV's Barkha Dutt, Deepika Padukone, along with her mother, counsellor and doctor, speaks up to help others struggling with depression.

I have always been advocating this and still maintain it as my aim to share what you feel, go through and have your opinion about very frankly not because you want to challenge society or any one. It is because, some where there could be a person who is going through similar situations and if you can be a single ray of hope in their life where they could latch on to your courage and openness and rise to take care of their own world , I will be blessed. I will and always respect and love her for what she is and stands up as! Speak without a stigma if it is really going to help someone!  The most touching part is when she expresses that "I would not like someone else to go through what I have gone" - God Bless you Deepika!

I am sure this video will make you realize the weight of her words as well as mine.It also deals with various scenarios and factors of depression all over the world.

The complete content and transcript of the video can be read at -

Watch the video here .....